Visions of Sugar Plums!

The holiday festivities are in full swing so its the perfect time to introduce my latest seasonal jam.  Sugar Plum Jam is a delightful combination of sweet cherries, tart cranberries, and hints of cinnamon.  This jam is the perfect accent to your holiday cakes and cookies.  Plus it makes a sophisticated and EASY appetizer.  Try pouring a 1/3 cup of Sugar Plum Jam over a large wedge of brie and bake it at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes.  Serve warm with crackers.  You could also warm the jam in the microwave and serve it over softened cream cheese or goat cheese.  Now that’s how you impress house guests!

A holiday jam with cherries, cranberries and hints of cinnamon

A holiday jam with cherries, cranberries and hints of cinnamon

Jammin’ Pot Roast

Orange Vanilla Pot RoastJam isn’t just for toast.  It can be a delightful addition to many recipes!  I love making pot roast during the colder months. You throw everything into a pot and voila  you got dinner!  Here is a delicious recipe for making pork roast using one of our citrus flavored jams.  I have also used a slow cooker with great results.   

3-5 pound pork roast
3/4 cup Orange Vanilla Jam
2 tsp minced garlic
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 cup chicken stock
1 cup of water
1 large onion, sectioned
fresh sage leaves
salt & pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  After browning the meat in bacon grease (yes bacon grease!) or oil, add the remaining ingredients to the pot.  I drizzled the jam over the roast and placed the sage leaves on top.  Cover and roast for at least 3 hours. Delicious and makes a wonderful gravy!

Feeling jammy?

I started Etta Mae Gourmet last year with the encouragement of my husband and friends. My jams were first made available in the monthly crop box subscription from the Riverside Food Cooperative and they were a big hit.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but word got around and now you can find my homemade jams and preserves at the California Citrus State Historic Park Museum Gift Shop and in the Mission Galleria in Riverside, California.  I’m continuing to expand and looking for additional retail locations!  Looking forward to 2015!  Here we go!