The Jam Pot

I like to mix different fruits and create new flavors.  My inventory changes because I make jam depending upon what fruits are in season.  Following is a list of jams that I have made –

Sugar Plum Jam (a holiday flavor with cranberries, cherries and cinnamon)
Blackberry-Peach Jam
Apple Butter
Orange Vanilla Jelly
Tropical Citrus Jam (a combination of mangoes, oranges and coconut cream!)
Orange Marmalade
Raspberry-Plum Jam
Sweetheart Jam (My Valentine Jam using strawberries flavored with hibiscus syrup & champagne. You’ll fall in love with it)
Strawberry Preserves with Balsamic Vinegar and Black Pepper
Apricot Jam
Bananas Foster Jam (delicious served warm over vanilla ice cream…yum!)
Berry Jam
Carrot Cake Jam (Yes!  Carrots and raisins and coconut…oh my!)
Lemon Vanilla Curd
Blueberry Lemon Sauce
Berry Lemon Jam (strawberry jam with a lemony zing)



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