14 Days of Valentine’s

EMG Valentines spooning

Photo for Day #3 – Spooning leads to jamming


EMG Valentine Day1 revised

My new Sweetheart Jam made with strawberries, sparkling wine and dried hibiscus flowers. Perfect for your valentine!

Think the holidays are over? Well, think again. Its early February and we already have Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras looming large on the horizon. Call me a foolish romantic but I have really gotten into Valentine’s Day for the past several years. I am not sure how or when it got started but at my house we celebrate the “14 Days of Valentine’s Day.” Starting on February 1st, I leave a small handwritten note or a silly gift or do something out of the ordinary for my hubby to let him know thatEMG Valentine 24 carrot “he’s my valentine.”

EMG Valentines Pucker up

Photo for Day #4 featuring Lemon Vanilla Curd. Deliciously tart to make your valentine pucker up!

EMG Valentines PB&J

Nothing belongs together better than good ole PB&J Day #2

I was gearing up for V-Day 2015 and thought about applying the idea to my jam business. So I hereby introduce to you – The 14 Days of Valentines with Etta Mae Gourmet.” A new photo each day featuring EMG jam.  Here’s a sampling of what I’ve done so far.  That’s amore!